On Hold

The Time Traveler’s Redemption: The Search 

First book in the series.

In the editing stages!

Eighteen-year-old Jacob is a cursed time traveler. No longer able to transport people through time, he’s destined to live forever, watching those he loves die. But changing people’s fate is something he gave up the moment he realized that time travel made him a monster. He could change, he was sure of it. When Jacob finds out about the Key, a girl who has the power to negate the time traveler’s curse, he decides to preserve the future by protecting her. With the information his dead mentor gave him, he returns to the future and the floating city in the sky. There he discovers that she had been sent down to Earth’s desolate surface.

Seventeen-year-old Anne is a Commoner slave on Earth and mere moments away from becoming a House Captain to the orphans who harvest the food for the city above. A product of Breeding Camps, she struggles with a desire to establish relationships, the very thing they are forbidden to do. When she decides to takes a chance, her treason is exposed. Inspectors are sent for and the only thing Anne can do is run away. With plans to leave that night, Anne identifies one of the Inspectors as Jacob, the boy who disappeared after saving her life six years ago.

Jacob must now make a choice: keep his vow he made to never change a person’s fate without their permission or risk the lives of those he feels bound to protect.

The Time Traveler’s Redemption: Accepting Destiny

Second book in the series.

3/4 complete