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The Adventure Brothers: Save the Bats

Eleven-year-old Will, thinks his summer adventures are over when his parents move him and his two brothers from the country to the suburbs.

But, when his grandpa comes to visit and gives him a magical pocket watch, the three brothers find themselves transformed into bats.

Now they must survive on bugs, learn to fly, and help the other bats, who are in danger of losing their home, if they ever hope to return to their own.

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The Adventure Brothers: Free the Dolphin

Release Date: Summer 2017

    Eleven-year-old Will and his two brothers anxiously await their next adventure. School starts and Will discovers that the bully that picked on Leo at the park is actually getting bullied at school.

    Before he can make a decision about what to do the watch begins to glow. This time, they splash deep into the ocean. Now dolphins, they must learn how to swim, eat, and even fight to survive.

    When they discover the bully dolphin trapped in nets, they are left with a decision, stay and fight off the threatening Great White shark or leave because after all, he’s a bully.

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