In honor of my book getting released in Kindle on Friday and in hardcopy next week, I went ahead and made a book trailer! Eek! I’m so excited. I hope you enjoy! **Please note, I only own the cover image all other photos were taken from free image websites… Read More

Sorry I missed last week. My life has been super hectic right now. Like, unexpected dental work. Bleh. Anyways, here it is for your reading enjoyment! I picked this excerpt because, as a mom of four boys, this is a daily occurrence in my house. When writing these books, I try to imagine exactly what… Read More

Every Thursday, I am dubbing Teaser Thursday. What is Teaser Thursday? Why it is where I give you a little glimpse into what I am working on. Hopefully (finger crossed) it pumps you up and gets you excited for the book! So without further ado, our first Teaser Thursday! Enjoy! *** Will didn’t notice the… Read More