In honor of my book getting released in Kindle on Friday and in hardcopy next week, I went ahead and made a book trailer! Eek! I’m so excited. I hope you enjoy! **Please note, I only own the cover image all other photos were taken from free image websites… Read More

So I was on E-bay yesterday, checking out pocket watches. I ordered one but then I got thinking, there are a few I really liked. So I am sending it out to the cyber world. Which do you like better? And in the end, I might just have a little give away! The one I… Read More

If you are following me on Facebook (which I highly think you should) you would have found out already that I have finished two, count them, TWO books! The Time Travelers Redemption: The Search = check The Adventure Brothers: Free the Dolphin = double check I am now entering into the editing stage of both… Read More

Hey all! Just letting you know, I’m still here. Just trying to figure out what exactly I want to do. Things are slow going with trying to find an agent or deciding wether or not I want to self publish or keep moving with traditional publishing. Both have pros and cons. I’m almost finished with… Read More