Join me at 1:30 CST over on LDS Beta Reader’s website where I give a presentation about Pacing and Tension.… Read More

I may be old, but there is still a Disney Princess inside of me. That’s why I wanted to write a Cinderella retelling about a girl who kicks butt with fire and speed. #iamquerying Can’t wait to write the next book in the series. She’s the girl prophesied about in the fairytale Snow White. She… Read More

The Adventure Brothers: Save the Bats is now available to purchase in both Kindle and hardcopy! Head on over and pick up your copy!… Read More

In honor of my book getting released in Kindle on Friday and in hardcopy next week, I went ahead and made a book trailer! Eek! I’m so excited. I hope you enjoy! **Please note, I only own the cover image all other photos were taken from free image websites… Read More

I did it! 50,000 words in the month of November! I actually finished on Nov. 28 and since then, I have been busting my hump to get The Adventure Brothers: Save the Bats ready for release! Yay! And, just to keep you excited, you can preorder The Adventure Brothers: Save the Bats for Kindle already!… Read More